Sourcing Setup Intensive

£1,797.00 GBP


  • In-depth, 7-module "watch over my shoulder" core strategy trainings where I break down How to source BMV, HMO, Serviced Accommodation, Rent To Rent, Mini Mo, Lease Options and Assisted Sales over 36 Videos.
  • How to decide which strategy to pick for your area (You will learn how to test you area fully for Demand and Availability).
  • How to setup your Investor AND Vendor facing branding, website and marketing.
  • How to hire, train and manage your new Virtual Assistant to handle data scraping.
  • How to use direct mail to find deals, how to close deals on the phone and how to package a deal to an investor.
  • Plus these following "Action Taker" gifts:
  • My "secret sauce" letter content for both rent to rent and BMV deals - (Worth £3990)
  • My document library of contracts and paperwork needed to get you started - (Worth £1990)
  • Opportunity to JV with me £1990

What People Are Saying:

“I have done a few training courses in the past 13 months and this one is one of the most informative and well put together packages. It is useful that I can view the videos at any time and I can re watch them until I fully understand them. Grant has got a good reputation within the property community so I am glad to be learning from him! Thanks ”


“Amazing Course - A Must If you Want to Work In Property I signed up for Grant's course after watching his webinar a couple of times. Reason for a couple of times - well I was toying with lots of different property strategies and wasn't sure which one to go for. I settled on Deal packaging as it offered me a great cashflow and as I run another business, means I can fit it in with that for the time being. The course was very comprehensive and included every detail to set up the business. Grant explains everything with enthusiasm which really helps to get you excited about setting up your own business and getting started. At the end of the course, Grant even provides his worksheet, letters to vendors and landlords and the contract for investors. I feel this course is great value for money and for anyone really interested in starting a deal packaging business. There is ongoing support and help and of course Facebook groups so if you get stuck, you have plenty of people to ask. Thanks Grant. Can't wait to have everything set up and start getting those deals.”

Caroline Clarke

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